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The Bluestocking Duchess

Her good friend...

Is suddenly a duke’s heir! Miss Jocelyn Sudderfeld is working at Edge Hall, indulging her love of translating ancient texts with her librarian father—and evading the need to marry! She’s always enjoyed a teasing friendship with estate manager Mr. Alex Cheverton. Until he unexpectedly becomes the duke’s heir. Now his first duty is to marry a suitable debutante, not consort with an earnest bluestocking like her… So where does that leave their friendship?

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Works in Progress

With Marcella and Crispin’s story complete, Julia is working on the final book of the series, THE ADVENTURER BARONESS.

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Three Oxford friends with stellar destinies ...three men who mold the present as they await a future of wealth and prestige.

Waiting in the wings is never easy, whether one carries the responsibilities without the authority, or is shut out and must find one's own way. But forging ahead on one's own means encountering exceptional women who would never be found at a ton ball...


Shut out from doing anything useful by his controlling father, Crispin D’Aubignon, heir to the Earl of Comeryn, chooses to pursue railroad and canal investments rather than mark time attending boring London Society events. Using a small inheritance whose funds are already under his control, he follows the Parliamentary bills and independently visits proposed routes and sites to decide which he will invest in. Along the way, he meets Marcella Cranmore, business-minded daughter of a railroad tycoon—who believes aristocratic investors are a useless species that must be humored. Miffed at being dismissed so cavalierly, Crispin sets out to prove her wrong...


Gregory Lattimar is heir to Baron Lattimar (and brother to Pru and Temper, from A MOST UNSUITABLE MATCH and THE EARL’S INCONVENIENT WIFE.) Since leaving Oxford, Gregory has had to take over the running of the Lattimar estates, a job his reclusive collector father has simply ignores. Checking up on the sources of the antiquities the baron spends vast sums on, Gregory encounters Charis Dunford, the free-spirited daughter of an adventurer who travels the world, selling in a small London shop some of objects he collects in order to fund his journeys. Gregory expects to encounter, if not deference, at least cooperation from the lady who runs the shop—certainly not a dressing down for his ignorance about the treasures her father discovers. Committed to restoring a family reputation already tarnished by his notorious mother and his unconventional sisters, Gregory has pledged to marry an eminently proper Society maiden. The last thing he needs is to find himself captivated by a shopkeeper...

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