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The Temptation of the Governess

With the unprecedented pandemic events of the last two years, all of us have been thrust into situations that threatened our security, upset our normal routine and put into question our plans for the future. Olivia Overton, heroine of THE TEMPTATION OF THE GOVERNESS, finds herself in just such a situation when her trustees’ unwise investment of her inheritance leaves her virtually penniless.

A plain, no-nonsense woman who has put romance behind her, Olivia’s dream was to set up a household with her dear friend Sara Standish, the two of them devoting their lives to the political reform work of the Ladies’ Committee. But now without the means to support herself, Olivia rejects the alternative of a distasteful marriage of convenience and elects to go into service as a governess.

Burying her own anguish, Olivia travels to the countryside to care for two little girls, orphans unexpectedly cast into the care of their aloof guardian, Colonel Hugh Glendenning. Not only does she soon clash with the Colonel, who shows much less concern about his wards than Olivia feels he should, the two also share an immediate—and unwelcome—attraction.

As Olivia gradually penetrates the Colonel’s wall of protective isolation, she finds herself increasingly drawn to this man who has weathered so much sorrow and loss.

But can an employer and a governess break out of their expected roles—and find the love that will fulfill them both?

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