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MAY 2015

Hello and Goodbye,

Greetings, gentle readers! It is with both excitement and sadness that I announce the appearance of the final Ransleigh Rogue! Dominic Ransleigh’s book, THE RAKE TO REVEAL HER, debuts this May…and brings the saga of the Ransleigh Rogues to an end.

But first, a bit about Dom’s story and his lady. Famous throughout the ton as “Dandy Dom,” able to “drive anything with four wheels and ride anything with four legs,” Dom’s passion is breeding high-spirited hunters that lead on the hunting field or in the steeplechase. When the Battle of Waterloo leaves him missing an arm and an eye, he must reluctantly accept that he can no longer ride the type of horse he has always trained. Unable to tolerate being around his huntsmen friends, upon returning to England after his long recovery in Brussels, he retreats to Bildenstone, the family estate in Suffolk that he’s not visited in years. There, in a solitude where no one reminds him of who he used to be, he intends to figure out who he is going to be.

His solitary existence is interrupted by Theodora Branwall, who wishes to rent a building on his property and turn it into a home and school for soldiers’ orphans. After having her heart broken by losing her fiancé in a Peninsular War battle and her father at Waterloo, Theo intends to dedicate her life to seeing that the children she’s collected while following the drum are trained to a useful occupation, and that the orphaned son of an officer she’s cared for since birth is brought up as befits his station.

Theo promises she will not violate the privacy of this man who wants only solitude. But something about her honest, industrious spirit calls to Dom, while the immediate attraction that sizzles between them soon draws these two Waterloo survivors closer. When a menace from the past threatens to destroy her, Dom steps up to protect Theo—and in the process, pushes them both to risk embracing new life and new love.

In honor of the completion of the series, my contest this month will offer two lucky readers a chance to win a complete set of all four Ransleigh Rogue novels: Max (THE RAKE TO RUIN HER,) Will (THE RAKE TO REDEEM HER,) Alastair (THE RAKE TO RESCUE HER) and Dom (THE RAKE TO REVEAL HER.) Follow the link on my website to enter.

As I announced in the last newsletter, I also formed a “street team,” Julia’s Regency FANatics. If you love the Regency and my books, would like to have some Julia Justiss swag to enjoy and distribute to librarians, booksellers, bloggers and reader friends, come join us! The application is on the home page of my website; we also have a private Facebook page, though you do not have to be active on-line to participate.

I’m now turning my attention to a new group of four gentlemen—angry young men who are all outsiders in some way from Regency society. Befriending each other at Oxford, they vow to enter government and change the world—and are themselves changed by the love of a remarkable woman. DAUBENAY’S DEFIANTS should debut next year…I’ll keep you posted.

As ever, thank you again for your support!