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Enter Ned and Joanna’s World

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

To create as vivid a backdrop as possible for October release of Ned and Joanna’s book, FROM WAIF TO GENTLMAN’S WIFE, I’ve added several features to the website this month. First and foremost, there’s an excerpt to give you a taste of the story, background character sketches of Ned and Joanna, and a pictorial gallery of some the Nottinghamshire countryside where the story takes place.

There’s also an update on the 2010 Regency continuity REGENCY SILK AND SCANDAL that includes a synopsis of each book and photos of the participating authors.

Browse and enjoy!

The Prodical Returns…

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

As you can tell from the date of the previous update, I’ve not been around much this summer–I think the count is 7 days at home since June 1? Three graduations, two weddings (one my son last week in Williamsburg, VA, a great party!) a family reunion in New Mexico, a wedding shower in Connecticut, RWA National in DC, cross-country drives, a family vacation at Disney World… What house? What wip? Finally home and ready to load up new features in anticipation of the arrival of Ned’s book in October!

For history nerds, there’s a long post on the Extras page with a background of the Luddite rebels who appear in Ned’s book. A new contest in honor of the next Wellingford book offering as prizes any of the previous titles (check out the Wellingford page at the Bookshelf tab.) Soon to come, character sketches for Ned’s books, some pics of the locales around Nottingham where the story takes place–and an excerpt. So stop back soon!


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