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Saturday, October 13th, 2018

It’s always a little sad to complete a series. You have “lived” with these characters for months, and leaving their world is like saying “good-bye forever” to a dear friend. So it helps if the new story you move on to write to involves characters from the previous work. Which is the case here!

As I was writing Temper’s story, the unconventional woman who befriended her in the face of all the gossip and innuendo swirling about her was plain, no-nonsense Emma Henley. She was such a vibrant character, she kept trying to take over scenes! So although I had been planning to write the story of Christopher and the twins’ older brother Gregory next, I found I was going to have to do her story instead.

Often told by her beautiful mother that she is “not pretty enough to attract a rake and not rich enough to attract a fortune-hunter,” Emma is not at all concerned that she’s survived several seasons without a suitable offer of marriage. In fact, having grown up viewing the often-loveless or tepid marriages common among the ton, she determined before ever making her debut that she would have none of it. Along with two other school friends of similar average looks and dowries, she’s decided she will live independently and devote herself to good works.

The last person Emma needs to be attracted to is handsome, beguiling Lord Theo Collington, a rich younger son with neither a need nor an inclination to marry. Though she expects her plain-speaking and refusal to adhere to the conventional politenesses will soon have him avoiding her, he seems paradoxically intrigued by a woman who refuses to accept empty compliments and makes no attempt to attract him. How is she to get over her illogical and annoying tendre for him when this far-too-charming rogue keeps seeking out her company?

I’ll keep you updated here as the writing progresses!


Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

With the draft and rewrites of Pru’s book in to her editor (and a tentative title, A MOST UNSUITABLE MATCH) Julia is now working on Temper’s story. Unlike Prudence, who suppresses her feelings and attempts to be the “model” young lady to overcome the infamy of association with their scandalous mother,Temperance is defiant, ready to launch herself into the teeth of Society’s disapproval. Until her brother’s long-time family friend, Gifford Newell, finds her an unlikely champion in Lady Sayleford, his godmother and great-aunt of Maggie (heroine of FORBIDDEN NIGHTS WITH THE VISCOUNT.) Temper wants to get a (failing) presentation out of the way so she can persuade her father to give her the money to travel the world. But intrigue, the jealousy of a rival–and love–have other plans for her!

New Series Approved!

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Julia just received word from her editor that her proposed two-book series, THE SCANDAL SISTERS, featuring the twin sisters of Hadley’s Hellion Christopher Lattimar, has been approved! First up will be Prudence’s story, due to her editor by the end of November and set to appear the latter part of 2018. Then will come Temperance’s story, due the end of April 2018 and probably releasing in early 2019. Let the writing continue!


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