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Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Emma Henley wants only to escape her fifth Season and move into a house of her own with her like-minded friends, where they can pursue their work with Lady Lyndlington’s committee to agitate for political reform. Disdaining elegant but useless Society gentlemen, she refuses to become a convenient wife who will be expected to run her husband’s household and bear his children while he chases prettier women. And of all the Society gentlemen she knows, none is more charming, rakish and idle than handsome Lord Theo Collington. So why does she find it so hard to resist him?

For his part, as a rich and well-born bachelor, Theo has become so accustomed to being pursued and flattered that Emma’s no-nonsense set-downs at first anger, then intrigue him. As they trade barbs, he comes to appreciate not just her blazing wit, but the passion he senses beneath her plain facade. And when this independent lady makes him a scandalous proposition, despite his better judgment, he is overwhelmingly tempted to accept…


Thursday, June 6th, 2019

Julia is delighted to announce that her new series now has an official name–“The Cinderella Spinsters.” The first Spinster book will feature plain, outspoken Emma Henley, good friend to Temperance Lattimar from THE EARL’S INCONVENIENT WIFE. Emma’s book, THE AWAKENING OF MISS HENLEY, will be out in October 2019. Cover reveal to come soon!


Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

With the draft and rewrites of Pru’s book in to her editor (and a tentative title, A MOST UNSUITABLE MATCH) Julia is now working on Temper’s story. Unlike Prudence, who suppresses her feelings and attempts to be the “model” young lady to overcome the infamy of association with their scandalous mother,Temperance is defiant, ready to launch herself into the teeth of Society’s disapproval. Until her brother’s long-time family friend, Gifford Newell, finds her an unlikely champion in Lady Sayleford, his godmother and great-aunt of Maggie (heroine of FORBIDDEN NIGHTS WITH THE VISCOUNT.) Temper wants to get a (failing) presentation out of the way so she can persuade her father to give her the money to travel the world. But intrigue, the jealousy of a rival–and love–have other plans for her!


Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Julia is delighted to kick off Christmas in the Texas Hill Country and the Whiskey River Christmas series with her new release, set just after WWI. Wounded soldier Drew Harwood returns home to his fiancee Felicity–only to lose her in the world-wide Spanish flu epidemic. Setting his face against joy and love, he hires an army friend to manage the ranch his bad leg prevents him from running and turns his Victorian home into an inn. But determined that her cherished fiance will have the happiness denied them, the spirit of Felicity lingers.

When Red Cross nurse Audra Donaldson comes to spend Christmas at the Harwood House Inn to visit her brother, Drew’s manager, Felicity thinks this widowed battlefield nurse might be just the person to heal Drew’s heart–and Audra’s own. It won’t be easy for this lonely, bitter man and this woman who doesn’t want to risk loving again to open themselves to each other…but who can resist a love that lasts beyond time?

New Series Approved!

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Julia just received word from her editor that her proposed two-book series, THE SCANDAL SISTERS, featuring the twin sisters of Hadley’s Hellion Christopher Lattimar, has been approved! First up will be Prudence’s story, due to her editor by the end of November and set to appear the latter part of 2018. Then will come Temperance’s story, due the end of April 2018 and probably releasing in early 2019. Let the writing continue!


Monday, October 3rd, 2016

In honor of the release of the first two Hadley’s Hellions stories, Julia is offering two lucky readers a set of both stories, FORBIDDEN NIGHTS WITH THE VISCOUNT and STOLEN ENCOUNTERS WITH THE DUCHESS. Click here to enter!


Monday, October 3rd, 2016

This month, Julia’s History Refreshed column takes a peek behind the veil with a discussion of life in the seraglio. After inhaling the flavor of these vanished worlds in four novels, check out how much is fact, how much is invention, in a classic non-fiction account of the harem. Read about it here:


Monday, February 22nd, 2016

For the month that means “romance,” what could be more romantic than an armchair voyage to Italy, courtesy of a quartet of historical novels set in that enchanting country? From the magic of a Venetian gondola, to the excitement of Siena’s paleo, to the walled charm of San Gimignano, to a thrilling chase through the city-states of Pisa, Milan, Venice, Rome and Naples, find a new trove of reading treasures here:


Monday, February 8th, 2016

If you are dejected by the approaching end of the beloved Downton Abbey series, here are some fiction choices to console you that segue into the periods before and after the world of Downton. Plus, get a glimpse of what series creator Julian Fellowes is offering next! Find it at:


Monday, February 8th, 2016

What could be more romantic in the month of romance than a visit to beautiful, sunny Italy? How about a vicarious journey with a determined lady and the rake who wins her heart? Product of a misalliance between a Society lady and an Italian musician, Allegra Antinori yearns to return to the land of her father’s birth after her dreams of wedding her childhood love and proper Society gentleman are smashed. With an estate in ruins, beguiling rogue Will Tavener needs to charm a wealthy bride. With them set on opposing aims, why do Will and Allegra find it so difficult to resist the attraction that keeps drawing them together? For a chance to win ROGUE’S LADY, enter at


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