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Character Sketch and Background

The Rake to Rescue Her

ALASTAIR RANSLEIGH 6’2” Dark hair, dark eyes

The poet and dreamer of the Rogues, Alastair was set on a literary career that would have seen him best Byron, until a humiliating betrayal by his fiancé destroyed his trust in women and love. Determined to die valiantly in battle, he joined he army, participating in many of the most desperate actions on the Peninsula. Returning unharmed after Waterloo, he meets by chance the woman who wounded him—and when she unexpectedly accepts his audacious proposal that she become his mistress, he sees a way to free himself forever from her spell. But years of harsh treatment have changed Diana, the now-widowed Duchess of Graveston, into a complex, embattled woman even more fascinating than the girl he loved. His unwilling compassion aroused, Alastair feels compelled to assist her overcome the forces now fighting against her. But can he help her escape demons past and present without falling for her all over again?

DIANA, DUCHESS OF GRAVESTON, 5’8” Dark hair, blue eyes

When a ruthless nobleman determined to add this beautiful girl to his “collection” threatened to ruin her father and the man she loved, Diana gave up her life to protect them. Resistance to her husband’s attempts to control her the only part of herself she has left, over years of bitter abuse, Diana locked down her emotions and tried to erase every trace of feeling—even for her son. The Duke’s death freed her--only to face a new challenge, the enmity of his eldest son and heir, who blames her for his mother’s death and his father’s estrangement. Fleeing Graveston Court to try to protect herself and her son from the heir’s promised revenge, she unexpectedly encounters Alastair, and fulfilling a vow, offers to do whatever she can to right the wrong she did him. But can she give her body to the passionate and tender Alastair and still keep submerged all the feelings she suppressed years ago?


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