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Character Sketch and Background

The Rake to Redeem Her

Will Ransleigh, 62 blond hair, turquoise-blue eyes

“Wagering Will” Ransleigh never met a game of chance he couldn’t master. Illegitimate son of the earl’s black sheep brother, Will spent his early years on the streets of Seven Dials, becoming an expert in card sharping, picking pockets and thievery. After his unwilling rescue, he’s sent to the earl’s country estate under threat of being returned to the streets if he can’t be molded into a proper Ransleigh. Though his other cousins despair of the surly, uncooperative Will, Max, the earl’s son and natural leader of the cousins, won’t give up on him, a fact Will credits with saving his life. Returning after Waterloo to discover that some scheming jade has ruined Max’s brilliant future as a diplomat by implicating him in an assassination attempt on Lord Wellington, Will vows to scour Vienna and find the doxy, bring her back to England, and have her testify to Max’s innocence and clear his name. Resourceful, cunning, fanatically loyal to Max and silent as the cat burgler he once was, Will is a force that cannot be denied…but he’s never met a woman like Elodie Lefevre.

Elodie Lefevre, 58 dark brown hair, dark brown eyes

The ultimate survivor, Elodie has bitter experience of life’s uncertainties. A young child after the execution of her father, a French aristocrat who took part in the Vendée uprising against the Revolution, she fled with her remaining family to England. After years living in genteel poverty, she left England with her brother, who was determined to win fame, fortune, and the return of their lands by serving in the army of Napoleon’s newly egalitarian France. Wed after a whirlwind romance to a young soldier, she is soon widowed. Though she is sincerely sorry for the ill turn she did Max Ransleigh, there are few lengths to which she will not go to safeguard herself and those she loves.


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