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Thanks to the talented folks who contribute to the photo site flickr, here are some views of the Nottinghamshire countryside where Ned and Joanna’s story takes place.  Of course, these fields and houses belong to real people living in 21st century England, but they so closely approximate what I envisioned for the locate of WAIF I’ve “borrowed” them.  Enjoy!

A Forest Lane—Ned and Joanna ride in the gig down lanes like these as they travel to the school, the tenant’s cottages and into Hazelwick.

Cottages in Bibury—Though this is an actual Cotswolds town, I think it would make a good Hazelwick, too.

Fields near Blenhem Hill—Ned and Joanna would pass fields and woods like these in Nottinghamshire as they drove.

Joanna’s school—might look something like this (minus the gravestones of naughty students out front.)

Granny’s cottage

Granny’s garden

The side of Blenhem Hill Manor—Can’t you see the light beckoning into the night from Ned’s study as Joanna trudges in the midnight darkness up to Blenhem Hill Manor?

The villain escapes—The arsonist Ned and the villagers are tracking might have hidden in thick woods like these in Sherwood Forest.


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