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When I began researching sites for the setting of Gabe and Honoria’s story, I was immediately captivated by the beauty of Cornwall. There are so many beautiful photos posted on flickr it was difficult to choose! But some immediately jumped out as the perfect images of what I’d seen in my mind’s eye as the places Gabe and Honoria inhabit. Enjoy your visit!

Though the headland isn’t closed off quite enough, this resembles the cove where Honoria goes to walk on the beach…and first encounters Gabe.

This is a smuggler’s trail, like the one that Honoria sees the landers use to move cargo inland the day Gabe rescues the revenue agent.

This church from Morwenstow might be like the one in the village of Sennlach, when Honoria is first introduced to Gabe.

This ancient church ruin, St. Helen’s Oratory, is the observation point looking out over the Irish sea to which Gabe goes to plan and reflect.

…and this is Gabe’s beach below it.

This is the beach to which Eva leads them…

…and the cave from her beach leading to the lander’s hut…

…the tor visible from the lander’s hut where the tunnel from Eva’s beach ends. Gabe comes riding over this ridge when he goes to rescue Eva and Honoria.


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