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March 2020

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A meeting of minds...

But a most unsuitable match!

When lady’s companion Sara Standish meets Cameron Fitzallen, he has his jacket off and he’s mending mill machinery. He is manly, capable—though it’s most improper for him to set her heart aflutter! He is a mill owner—trade—after all. They share the same aim to help impoverished children, but in the eyes of the ton, she must not mix with him. That doesn’t stop her craving his company, or his touch...

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“Julia Justiss has written a warm and engaging story that appealed to me both historically and romantically, and I highly recommend it.” – Roses Are Blue, Blog

“A thoroughly entertaining story you won’t want to miss.” – The Reading Café Blog

“A beautiful love story with wonderful characters. I love Julia’s writing, her substance and style are a joy to read.” – The Reading Wench Book Blog

“Mrs. Justiss offers us a hearty and delightful tale of seeing past society’s dictates and expectations.” – Elodie’s Reading Corner



Three Oxford friends with stellar destinies…three men who mold the present as they await a future of wealth and prestige.
Waiting in the wings is never easy, whether one carries the responsibilities without the authority, or is shut out and must find one’s own way. But forging ahead on one’s own means encountering exceptional women who would never be found at a ton ball...


As the eldest son of a minor branch of a great family without any money of his own, while he waited to inherit his father’s modest estate, Alex Cheverton accepted a job running the major country property of his distant cousin, the Duke of Farisdeen. Over his six years at Edge Hall, Alex has established a bantering friendship with the feisty, scholarly daughter of the duke’s librarian. Having known Jocelyn Sudderfeld since she was a pesky brat, Alex is just contemplating whether to pursue his attraction to the enticing woman she’s become when the Duke’s son dies—changing everything. To Alex’s dismay, he learns that he is the next legal heir in the direct line stretching three generations back. The Duke demands Alex move to London, so his new heir can be kitted out, trained up, and introduced to the right people of power, influence and family, from among whom he will be expected to choose a bride. Who could never be the lowly daughter of a librarian…even if the future duke fears he may be falling in love with her...


Shut out from doing anything useful by his controlling father, Crispin D’Aubignon, heir to the Earl of Comeryn, chooses to pursue railroad and canal investments rather than mark time attending boring London Society events. Using a small inheritance whose funds are already under his control, he follows the Parliamentary bills and independently visits proposed routes and sites to decide which he will invest in. Along the way, he meets Marcella Cranmore, business-minded daughter of a railroad tycoon—who believes aristocratic investors are a useless species that must be humored. Miffed at being dismissed so cavalierly, Crispin sets out to prove her wrong...


Gregory Lattimar is heir to Baron Lattimar (and brother to Pru and Temper, from A MOST UNSUITABLE MATCH and THE EARL’S INCONVENIENT WIFE.) Since leaving Oxford, Gregory has had to take over the running of the Lattimar estates, a job his reclusive collector father has simply ignores. Checking up on the sources of the antiquities the baron spends vast sums on, Gregory encounters Charis Dunford, the free-spirited daughter of an adventurer who travels the world, selling in a small London shop some of objects he collects in order to fund his journeys. Gregory expects to encounter, if not deference, at least cooperation from the lady who runs the shop—certainly not a dressing down for his ignorance about the treasures her father discovers. Committed to restoring a family reputation already tarnished by his notorious mother and his unconventional sisters, Gregory has pledged to marry an eminently proper Society maiden. The last thing he needs is to find himself captivated by a shopkeeper...

With final edits complete on Alex and Jocelyn’s story, Julia is working on Crispin and Marcella’s book, which is due by the end of November.






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